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Growing your business
with automated messaging
Create your digital strategy sending the best message at the right time thanks to our powerful and intuitive platform. Attract new leads, improve consumer satisfaction and... boost your sales!
Push Notifications in +20 Platforms
Why is iurny essential to your digital strategy?
Generate traffic to your website or app
Notifications are the primary traffic source for most webs and mobile apps
Easily connect with users
Reach your audience through the right channels and generate personalized experiences.
Relevant customer flows
Create campaigns taking into account the customer journey of the user: recruitment, loyalty, retargeting.
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Here are the keys to success
Marketers and developers will find everything they need.
Easy Set up
Only 15 minutes will be needed to get started.
Advanced targeting
Set up your campaigns based on user behavior (connection to your app, abandoned cart, first visit, etc...).
Test A/B
Compare your campaigns performance and automatically stick to the best performing one.
Geo fencing
Now you can communicate with users based on their exact location.
Rich Formats
Increase brand awareness by at least 25% by including video or animated images in your communications.
Artificial intelligence
Our "best time" and word cloud features will improve your campaigns performance.
Secured data
All messages are encrypted. Your data is safe and secure and of course we are 100% GDPR compliant.
API friendly
All our services are accessible via API.
Develop the meeting point between you and your customers
Grow your business with personalized communications
Be present at each stage
of the Customer Journey
Adapt your communication strategy to your client’s needs. Our
technology allows you to customize messages using AI (and
Machine Learning) to connect with your customers.
Offer your customers alternative ways to connect with you.
Consistency of messages and the ability to offer each client what they need.
Deliver personalized messages on the right time at the right moment.
The key moment where the message and communication lead the transaction.
Transform one-time customers to loyal ones with relevant communications.
Artificial intelligence
The AI module pushes you to success by submitting the best content at the right time. Through the analysis of the big data we handle, we can guide you with simple tips so that you send the most relevant and impactful messages for each person in your audience creating VIP experiences for all.
Controlled and analyzed communication
Absolute control. Thanks to the analysis modules you have all the information at your disposal so that you have decision-making power in real time and can develop continuous improvement processes. You know what it´s said: information is power.
Improve your customer experience now