Create the most effective push campaigns with iurny’s Artificial Intelligence.

19 APR. 2022
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Create the most effective push campaigns with iurny’s Artificial Intelligence.

Test the effectiveness of your push campaigns before sending. Our AI predicts performance based on data from over 100,000 campaigns.

Creating the perfect push campaign is not an easy task. You have to strike a balance between creativity and relevance of the message to your target audience in order to get the highest possible conversion.

To help our clients, iurny has developed a Smart Campaign Wizard to make it easier to choose which elements to add or modify to increase effectiveness.

As you create a new web/app push campaign, our Artificial Intelligence predicts the impact it will have and advises you on how to optimise it, taking into account factors such as word choice, use of images and filters, personalisation of texts and other elements.

iurny’s Intelligent Assistant is constantly learning and constantly analysing push campaigns because the scores are based on real results from real campaigns, not on supposed ‘best’ practices or old case studies. It works with up-to-date data.

asistente inteligente


The Intelligent Assistant is characterised by these two elements:

  • The score. It indicates a number between 0 and 5 to reflect the predicted effectiveness of the campaign. To calculate this score, the Smart Assistant takes into account the quality of the campaign (personalisation, filters…) and the prediction of the percentile of the opening rate of the current campaign with respect to the history of sent campaigns.

  • The recommender. You will be able to click on the available link and get a recommendation to optimise the campaign.

Both elements are based on the data collected from your previous campaigns.

On the other hand, if you are new to the platform, the Smart Assistant will use the history of all clients until it has enough information about your own campaigns.

Let the iurny Smart Assistant earn clicks for your push campaigns!

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