Push Notifications as a communication and marketing strategy

15 MAR. 2022
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Push Notifications as a communication and marketing strategy

Push notifications are a tool that, although it may seem simple, can significantly change a brand’s sales. All this, thanks to the way they stimulate interaction with consumers, increasing consumer loyalty, as well as the search for potential customers.

For those who are not aware of what push notifications are, they are these brief messages that appear on the mobile device or computer, which offer different promotions or updates on a specific product.

At iurny we have everything you need to adapt your brand to this important resource for your product campaigns or your activity, successfully improving your sales. This is sure to interest you, so we invite you to read on.

The new channel to the user

Brands can make use of push notifications to give the user a fast and timely channel for the consumption of their products and/or services. The best part is that no input is required from the user, other than their consent from a simple click, either to enter the application or to read more about the update being presented to them.

These notifications can be scheduled to be triggered at very specific times, to offer certain promotions. They can also notify the user only when they are in a certain location. They can be intelligently tailored to each consumer, triggering at the perfect time.

The best part is that push notifications are able to collect data based on each user’s behaviour and can generate a micro-strategy for each individual user to tailor their interaction to the customer’s characteristics. Each response is a key to understanding them better, and in this sense, to connect more and more with them.

At iurny we have a group of specialists who have developed an artificial intelligence system that allows a brand to use push notifications correctly and autonomously without the need for a marketing team.

A repertoire of advantages for your brand from push notifications

Today we explain how your brand can take advantage of the following resources for the correct use of push notifications:

  • Personalised notifications: You will be able to reach users however you want, by talking about your promotions, inviting them to learn about current updates, presenting your products, etc. You will be the one who determines the letter of introduction of your product from the very first moment.

  • Notifications tailored to the user: Each user will be able to get a different notification. An example is a user who has decided to do a daily study routine. Push notifications will appear daily to remind them of their routine.

  • Automation of notifications: You will not have to be behind every notification, as they can be triggered automatically, arriving at the user’s device or computer at any time.

  • Keep your users informed: With push notifications, you can inform users of product innovations, whether it be new promotions, changes in conditions, discounts, etc. They won’t have to log in to the application or website to find out.

  • One-click commands: Just as it is possible to reply to a WhatsApp message from the notification panel, you can set up push notifications so that your users have the same convenience. On the other hand, you can simply send them a message so that, when they click on it, they enter the application or arrive at your website.
iurny’s recommendations for your push buttons

They should always be used strategically, otherwise they could cause problems for your engagement. In this regard, you should at least consider the following recommendations:

  • Avoid repetitive sending: The user will not enjoy notifications that they receive every day if none of these are subscribed to by the user. It is important to be cautious with the frequency with which the user will receive notifications.

  • Create your objective: Always be clear about the purpose of your campaigns. This way, you can use your push notifications around an objective that will help you meet your brand’s goals.

  • Keep it simple: While you can create a long and comprehensive message in your notification, it is recommended to keep the message as short and easy to read as possible.

At iurny we are waiting for brands like yours to take them to the next step of their marketing campaign. With our team, you will discover a different way to reach the user, significantly improving your sales and your interaction.

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