Push Notifications: Objectives and advantages

02 MAR. 2022
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Push Notifications: Objectives and advantages

At iurny we have already told you that push notifications have become an infallible resource for a brand to create a stronger bond with its consumers. Through their smart devices or browser, users receive a message with which they can interact with the brand’s services and/or products. 

Precisely, that is its main objective, to maintain contact with the customer. Every day, more and more people use reminders on their smartphones in their daily lives. This is where push notifications and your brand come into play, generating that content and reminding users that you exist.

In this way, push notifications provide multiple benefits to a brand, allowing it to get closer and closer to its targets. The result, a tool that, although it seems to be very subtle, manages to completely change the results in the loyalty that the brand has generated in its target.


We already know the basics about push notifications, so let’s go a little deeper. At this point, we will talk about the formats in which push notifications can be presented on the user’s device. Without further ado, let’s start by understanding how push notifications can work.


In what formats are push notifications presented?


Primarily, at iurny we highlight two ways in which push notifications can be used, which brings us back to two types of formats:


  1. Rich media push notifications

    These are those that allow the user to perform different actions. They allow you to add videos or GIFs to your text, which makes the user experience more enjoyable.
    Rich media push notifications are used to increase the interaction between the user, increasing the time of use of it.  

  2. Standard push notifications

    If you have used an app from your favourite food franchise, you may have received a notification with information about their new promotions and/or discounts. These are the standard push notifications, used with a more informative approach, the end of which would be for the user to open the app to start using it.

    Contrary to the first format,
    standard push notifications do not allow the user to perform any action from their dashboard, which means that the user has to open the application in order to perform the desired command. 

What are the benefits of push notifications?


Generally speaking, push notifications such as those on our platform will provide any brand with the following advantages:


Increased sales and/or usage: Whatever sector your business is in, push notifications can significantly increase the level of sales on your website and in the app. This is thanks to the constant interaction that is created between the them and the user. 


They collaborate with the brand’s strategy: Push notifications can be activated at very specific times and places, making it possible to contact the user at the perfect moment for them to become loyal to the brand. A clear example of this is food promotion notifications that are triggered at lunchtime, where the user is more likely to interact and not discard the information.


They work in an automated way: Push notifications can be programmed to activate only in a specific time range, which greatly facilitates their work, since they do not have to be configured by a person in real time to operate correctly.


They make targeting easier: With the use of push notifications, targeting becomes a much simpler task for a brand, being able to catch as many users as possible through their smartphones. 

They are very effective, if you know how and when to send them. According to our experts, this type of messaging should be launched on a reasonable regular basis, so that users will be grateful for the communication regarding brand news.


They are cheaper communications than SMS. You can take advantage of them to boost your marketing strategy. Here we give you up to 30,000 devices for free and without any kind of commitment, so you can see for yourself. Free plan iurny.


Impact. Keep in mind that these are short and direct messages that reach the consumer directly, you must take advantage of every word and make the most of it.


Likewise, it is possible to talk about other advantages such as brand recall now encouraged in the customer, the constant reading of the updates of a brand, and also, a recognition of the characteristics of the brand’s target. The latter, through the behaviour they present when receiving notifications. 


A tool for a brand’s objectives


Push notifications can be considered, after what we have read above, a decisive tool for a company to fulfil its objectives correctly. However, it is not enough to simply insert push notifications in an application or on a website.


It is necessary to have a strategy, a planning based on the study of the target of the brand’s community. Only then will it be possible to understand what the pain points of a group of people are, and thus offer a solution from the product, using push notifications as a channel for this.

To conclude, there is a great importance in the implementation of push notifications, starting, firstly, with the necessary format for each case, with which the user will be able to interact differently with each type of user. Subsequently, it is necessary to take into account the advantages that push notifications will offer the brand in terms of its objectives.

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