The Importance of Sending Geolocated Campaigns

18 AUG. 2022
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The Importance of Sending Geolocated Campaigns

Companies are increasingly using geolocation campaigns in their marketing strategy. The creation of this type of campaigns is important as they are very effective and help to get more potential customers for businesses.

Geolocation is a digital marketing technique based on the personalisation of content based on the geographic location of the people who are going to buy your services or products. This technique will make it possible to offer more filtered content based on the place of residence, for a better user experience.
It is a technology that uses data obtained from a person’s computer or mobile device to identify their physical location in real time.

This functionality opens new doors for personalisation in digital marketing strategies, and also offers positioning opportunities for businesses such as shops, shops and restaurants. Therefore, it is very important to know the geographic location of users because it will give you very valuable information when creating the segmentation of the campaign.

What is a geo-targeted campaign?

Geo-targeted marketing campaigns aim to attract more customers to your company. This is usually done with a database, which contains the location of users, so that users receive digital content based on their geographic location. 

The purpose of applying geolocation in marketing campaigns is that you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can send the promotion of the menu of the day to people who are close to it. The same goes if you have a small clothing shop, or any other business, when people are close to your premises, you will automatically send these warning messages. 

How to collect geolocation data?

Geolocation data can be collected in several ways, the most popular of which are: through IP address, mobile phones, GPS-enabled devices, and transactions made through credit or debit cards. 

Advantages of geolocalised campaigns

The advantages of the importance of geolocated marketing campaigns is that the business will have the opportunity to offer promotions, increase customer loyalty and the profitability of the campaigns will be higher.

Our technology develops it in the following way: defining the areas to localise your campaigns and communicate with the audience you are interested in for your business.

Create relevant messages taking into account the user’s location.

  • Send notifications on specific streets, neighbourhoods, custom areas and postcodes.
  • Trigger communications when the customer enters a public Internet network, such as airports, train stations, shopping malls, partner spaces or competitor shops.
  • Send a message to your users when they are in close proximity to your business when it is open for business.

Geolocation puts you in touch with the customers you need to reach

  • With the geo-targeting option you can automate the frequency of your notifications and define various parameters for their delivery.
  • Define the most important areas or the perimeter of your business, you will be present where your potential customers are.

Set delivery criteria and target specific segments of your customers. 

  • Creating a successful campaign using geolocation and mobile marketing is not an easy task, it requires the advice or help of professionals specialised in the area.

Nowadays, the most important companies in the world are implementing geolocation in their digital marketing campaign strategies, because they are very effective and more personalised.

For example, if you have an independent business or commercial premises such as restaurants, clothing shops, etc., it is advisable to geolocate it in digital search engines, in order to be found quickly by users according to their geographic location and in real time.

This will make your business brand appear as the main option for the user. By having a presence on the map of the customers’ geographic area, it is good for businesses to include offers and promotions to attract more customers to their business premises. 

iurny provides businesses with the technological advances to personalise the offer and send accurate information to the user depending on their location through geolocated campaigns. Your business must be up to date with technology.

By having this geolocation service you will have the opportunity to get more customers to buy your products because they found your location easily on the Internet. It is important that your business registers its address on the Internet so that your potential customers can reach your shop faster. 

So don’t waste time and start using geolocation campaigns.

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