Practical Cases

How do I send different messages to users?

A good message should interest the audience. Interest groups are groups of users that you can create according to their hobbies or interests. This way, you can divide users into groups and can automate what kind of information and message you send to each of these groups to make it more relevant to what they’re looking for. It is a way to adapt your offer to the different demand of your user groups with three clear objectives:

  1. Generate more income through a more appropriate offer to each group
  2. Create a bond of belonging to your brand thanks to personalized messages
  3. Avoid the fatigue of users with communications that they do not like and the consequent abandonment of your brand

segmentationFor example, imagine that you have a car dealership and a person approaches for information. Then, surely you ask what kind of use is looking for and what budget manages to, depending on it, show him/her some cars or others (surely, in addition, that by your experience and by what that person reflects you will show him a certain model of cars that you think will fit better with his expectations). In digital communication, exactly the same thing happens; the information you know about your audience is crucial to sending them a good message.

How to create groups of interest?

WordPress Plugin: If you have installed our 2×1 plugin (WhatsApp Chat and Web Push) you can easily do it from the plugin itself. Go to your admin page and go to the customization area of the Web Push tab. See the instructions here.

Console: If you are a user of the console, you can secure your communications through the filters. Of course, before you have had to create the topics in the Tools/Topics menu section as we explain here.