iurny is born! Attention SMEs

09 FEB. 2022
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iurny is born! Attention SMEs

iurny is a marketing automation solution designed for small and medium businesses. Our technology (created by Indigitall) is already being used by more than 500 top brands (such as Carrefour, Decathlon, Iberdrola, Ikea, Correos, Zara, Mediaset and much more).

Now we have created iurny, a self-serve platform directed to SMEs. With iurny, our goal is to enable companies to open their push notification channel autonomously and thus contribute to expanding their businesses. 


That new channel will be an important added value to your digital strategy as it will increase traffic, improve engagement and conversions within your website and/or mobile application. 

To make that possible, we are building a community (of developers and marketers)  and will be generating new content on a weekly basis for its members including technical documentation, blog posts, ebooks as well as tutorials. 

This new  eCommerce also comes with a new website as well as UX improvements and the release of our new wordpress plugin to make your life easier when it comes to implementing our solution. In the coming weeks, we will also make available a chatbot to improve even more user experience.

Channels available on



On one hand, with web push notifications are delivered on a user’s desktop or mobile screen anytime they have their browser open, regardless of whether or not the user is on the website.


Web Push is compatible with all web browsers and will show anytime a browser is opened.




On the other hand, app push notifications are communications between a mobile app and its users. It will allow you to generate traffic to your App and to increase the number of regular users, as well as offer value to your users with relevant alerts, updates, promotions, etc.



This new channel for SMEs will mean saying goodbye to the high cost of sms. We are a great solution for you and your customers: lower cost and greater effectiveness, satisfaction and profitability.

On our web you can get started easily and quickly. iurny is designed for you to communicate with your customers or potential customers through notifications on your mobile or computer browser.

In this way, you can immediately reach the audience to let them know about new services, promotions, support or whatever you think is most appropriate, at any time, having all these communications controlled and analyzed.

Use artificial intelligence to send relevant notifications

Last but not least, iurny uses Artificial Intelligence to achieve a greater impact on your notifications through clear tips that will allow you to create more interactive notifications, thus increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Best time and Best word functionalities will help you sending the right message at the right time  to your users.

Best prices

In addition to the high quality of the service we offer, iurny stands out from the rest of the market because of our very competitive market prices.

Our platform drives your growth – unlimited notifications – because we want to grow with you through our three plans: free, premium and enterprise (large companies).

Explore our flexible plans here. Our free plan is actually the most competitive in the market as it allows any company to create a free account (without banking details) and to start sending unlimited push notifications (both push and app) up to 30.000 devices. 


So what are you waiting for to add push notification to your digital strategy?


* iurny is endorsed by international organizations such as CDTI, Enisa and the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid. They trust us and hopefully you will take an example from them and meet us on to get started.

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