SMEs What does digital transformation achieve?

25 AUG. 2022
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SMEs What does digital transformation achieve?

Digital transformation for SMEs

Nowadays it is necessary to make a digital transformation of companies. In many cases, business owners will need to seek guidance from professional experts in the field to help them make the change process a positive one for the company. Keeping up to date with technology within your organisation will save you time, money and bring success to your business.

Sometimes it is thought that when talking about the term digital in a company, it means that it should only be present on the Internet through a website or on social media (although this is also part of the process of digital transformation), but it is a deeper change. When we talk about digital transformation of companies, it is another level. This shift to the digital world will help SMEs to make growth and productivity easier and faster for employees and customers.

 What does it mean for businesses?

Digital transformation has a positive impact on business. This renewal will help to make their work easier. It brings many advantages, including reduced working hours, because it will be fast and efficient. The company will work and maintain frequent contact with employees and customers through the new tools implemented in the company, you will have a database in a cloud that will serve to quickly locate a document or relevant information of the business and your customers.

How to do it?

To move the company into the digital world it is important to have experts. All employees and senior managers need to be educated to understand and learn how to handle the new technological tools that will help them to facilitate their work.

By adapting to the digital transformation, customer contact will be a better experience. Customers also need to be educated with the new technology, to know how to use the Internet, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. to establish an excellent remote communication between customer and company.

What does it involve?

The digital transformation of the company implies a radical change in the structure of the company.  The staff involved will have to adapt to the process and be able to work comfortably. Digital tools will be the new ways of relating to the business. That is why there must be a change in thinking, using logic and opening up to the culture of the business. 

What do we want to achieve?

The aim of these changes is to ensure that the company continues to reinvent itself in order to survive and outperform its competitors, offering solutions and differentiating itself from the rest. It is necessary to provide a better shopping experience to customers with the change to digital, which will serve to create a better relationship between the company and its customers. This transformation process will help to increase productivity and sales, to achieve new business opportunities. 

The company should have clear objectives when starting the digital transformation process. It is necessary to include within the company trained and qualified talent to efficiently manage new technologies. It is necessary to be open to change and willing to continue learning all the technological tools that will help them to perform better at work. It is important to have advanced technological equipment in the offices so that they can carry out their work without any inconvenience. 

When the company has made the decision to make the digital transformation, it must have a strategy, such as planning before the action, knowing the digital habits of customers. Even though everyone should already know how to work with computers, mobiles and other devices, many people still do not adapt to the use of technology.

There are generations in which it is easier to shop online than to go to a store in person. So we need to work on making user-friendly platforms that everyone can use without any inconvenience. 


On the other hand, SMEs to be present in the digital transformation will not only help them to be recognised in their country, but also to have an international presence and can be in contact with companies and customers abroad.

After having established the digital transformation of SMEs, studies will be made to analyse the results obtained with this new change. Look at what has worked and what has not in order to improve every day. Being adapted to new technologies will make work easier for companies and customers. 


Digital transformation is here to stay for small and medium-sized companies. Companies have to adapt to this new way of working in order to continue to grow and not remain in the past. These new changes will always bring very positive benefits for the company. If you are starting a new business you have to make an economic investment for it in order not to fall behind.

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