The effectiveness of sending targeted and automated communications

22 SEP. 2022
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The effectiveness of sending targeted and automated communications

For email marketing, the effectiveness of sending targeted and automated communications helps campaigns to be personalised, efficient and achieve positive results. In addition, the marketing agency will be able to focus on other activities and address customer needs faster.

Automated and segmented work is of great advantage because it provides immediate solutions during the communication between the company and the user. 

Segmentation and automation

Segmentation in email marketing campaigns

Segmentation: It is like taking an X-ray of future customers. Therefore, the first thing to do is to locate the right niche for your business and then find the profile of the people who visit your shops, which is also known as the buyer persona. Finding the ideal customer. 

Segmenting your audience for more personalised messages

To find the ideal customer, you need to know their characteristics, needs, geographic location, etc., in order to create personalised emails addressed directly to them. When all this information is obtained, a database is created. That message will reach the inbox of those specific people who will be the potential customers who will ultimately purchase the product or service that is being offered in that email.

By obtaining the most important data of your customers, it will be easier to segment the email marketing campaign because you will create profiles of your customers. 

Marketing Automation 

Automation is a tool used by marketers to streamline email marketing campaigns. Instead of doing the work manually where the process can be time consuming and tedious, there are special tools for email marketing campaigns to make them more effective. In short, automation automatically performs certain marketing actions and processes, which will help to reduce manual work and increase the efficiency of the actions.

When an email marketing campaign is carried out, we are in the search of capturing customers and for that we use this tool which is the most popular in marketing. For example, when we see in the inbox or in Spam of our emails that we receive information where we are offering services or products. We will look at the information, it is possible that we will be interested in the offer and immediately contact the company’s sales advisors directly to buy the product.

There are times when we read the email that is addressed directly to us and we already see our name in the first lines of the information in this email.

That is why to maintain direct communication with customers it is necessary to use automated and segmented communications to be effective. By having clear objectives and the means that will be used in our marketing campaign, we will observe the results when the user purchases our product. 

Knowing the concepts of automation and segmentation when putting them into practice in a marketing campaign we must do it little by little. Study what will work in this work to improve our action plan. Make a SWOT analysis. The ideal is to get those future clients and make them loyal. That is why we must have clear objectives, what we want to achieve, to obtain positive results in our campaign. These techniques will help you to capture, interact and build customer loyalty immediately.

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