App Push – EN

App Push Notifications
Pop up on a mobile of users who have installed their application even if the App is closed.
Generate traffic to your App and increase the number of regular users
Offer value to your users: alerts, updates, promotions, etc.
Event Notifications
Target your audience with promotions, offers, discounts or product updates. Through personalized messaging and multimedia, it engages audience attention and creates premium experiences. If you want your brand to be different, you must enhance the communication process.
Communicate with your audience and share all updates. Analyze the results and you can establish different campaigns for each type of user detecting those who are brand ambassadors and those who need more impacts
Inform users about their purchases in a clear and simple way; simplicity is key throughout the process. Create safe and user-friendly experiences by taking care of the whole process in detail: ordering, delivery and returns. Close the circle with iurny!
Pay attention to the customer’s customer journey to detect any cart abandonment and be able to retrieve that purchase through a reminder/help notification. You can also improve the process by analyzing audience behavior.
Connect with your audience
Push mobile notifications have an average of 45% acceptance. From the finance sector that has 56% acceptance to the consumer sector that has 31%.
Build customer loyalty
Segment the audience and personalize messages by offering exclusive offers or special promotions.
Recover customers
Use retargeting and get your customers to complete the registration or purchase: recover andanonned carts.
All platforms
Available on the latest versions of Android, iOS and Huawei! App Push Notifications improve your users’ experience with the App
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