Customer journey – EN

Customer Journey
Create and launch multi-channel campaigns based on your customer’s behavior to improve their experience at each stage of their journey.
Give each client a personalized experience
Create automated message flows based on personalized customer data and enrich communications with images, videos, or animated gifs.
With predictive Artificial Intelligence
Predict future events with the help of AI and make proactive decisions to change outcomes. Send your messages at the best time for your clients and identify the likelihood of customer loss and win back disgruntled users before they leave!
Reach your audience with the right messages at the right time. Discover our digital solutions to reach all your customers.
The all-in-one solution
Send marketing campaigns to different channels, or offer a unique experience connecting with your customers from a single and intuitive control panel.
Set up your digital communications faster
Our tool makes it easy to plan your campaigns and communications. You can create journeys with the use of web push notifications, in-web pop-ups or proactive messages from WhatsApp based on user’s actions.
Organize and plan your campaigns
Keep all multichannel communications in one place. Plan communications and coordinate your messages based on customer journey phases.
Optimize omnichannel campaigns
Track campaign results, identify the best channels, and fine-tune messages to improve efficiency, increase customer retention, and reach your goals faster.
Automate your marketing campaigns and gain efficiency
Creating marketing campaigns takes a long time. The great news is that you can automate most of them! Set up campaigns once and let them run on autopilot. Reduce manual labor and don’t leave any user bypassed.
Easy integration with your systems and CRM
Synchronize your ERP with the different communication channels. Take advantage of our channel versatility to provide the greatest personalization in your messages.
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