Ideas to increase your push notification’s CTR

14 JAN. 2022
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Ideas to increase your push notification’s CTR

Increasing the number of people who open your notifications is a key goal. For this reason, from iurny we have thought of some ideas that will be very useful to you. Do not miss it!




An A / B test consists of creating two or more versions of the same notification. This way you will test which is the most successful version and optimize your push notifications. There are different parameters that you can modify: the text, the image, the presence of emoticons or the colors. To be effective, you have to analyze everything that has worked and what has not worked in each version.


The objective is to polish the notification little by little, with the necessary improvements. You can focus on those aspects that do increase the CTR. If you apply them in the future, you will create better messages. It may take a little time, but you will end up with good results based on your experience and knowledge.




Creating notifications for too wide an audience may not work well. To combat this, don’t stop segmenting shipments. With this technique you will select a group of people based on your interests or the objectives you are pursuing with the campaign. The possibilities are enormous. You can select that only men or women of a certain age or with a certain income level receive the notice.

As for customization, it is an aspect that you should also take care of to increase CTR and that combines very well with segmentation. You can include specific names, with unique promotions for the person in question. This will increase the chances that you will heed the notice and make a purchase, for example.




Another very interesting feature: timing is an important factor in increasing CTR. Luckily, mobile phone notifications have different windows of opportunity, but if you want your results to improve, you will have to fully know the audience to whom they are intended.

If you know at what time of the day they may be engaging in a leisure activity, you are more likely to open the notification. After all, people’s attitude at this time is more relaxed and open than when they are stressed. Thus, they may look at it out of curiosity or because they are really interested in it.

In addition, with an expiration time you will get a feeling of urgency. If it is a fleeting offer, the person who receives it will think twice before passing it up.




Surveys are a perfect tool to find out the opinion of your audience. Keep in mind, yes, that most will not complete them, but it is very likely that there are enough people who do. Next you will have to analyze the data to come up with the improvements later.

It is not advisable to force users to take surveys, as they may respond angrily to the questions or say the first thing that occurs to them to finish as soon as possible. Freedom is a great ally of these tools, as well as anonymity. Little by little you will see how your CTR increases to the sound of the improvements you introduce.

These are the ideas that we propose to you from iurny; and, in addition, we ourselves can provide these functionalities. Try to take them into account to improve the results of your notifications. However, keep in mind that the increase will not be instantaneous and that you will have to perform various tests.


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