What is the new digital customer like and what are their characteristics?

15 SEP. 2022
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What is the new digital customer like and what are their characteristics?

From the traditional customer to the digital customer

In the past, customers used to buy their products or services in person, now they buy them online. 

Nowadays, the majority of shops have already moved to the digital world. Purchases are now made through websites or social networks. 

Consumers can get the product they want at the click of a button and have it soon in their hands without having to leave home.

Businesses have undergone transformations. They have exchanged their physical world for the virtual one. 

When offering their products on their different platforms, they must be very detailed with the information they are presenting to their public, as well as being close through different means of contact such as email, WhatsApp, direct messages, and in the comments of the posts on Social Networks. 

Customers already know what they want, but before making a purchase they research the product very well. 

The quality, price, payment methods, if they have a home delivery service or if they are going to pick it up personally at the store.  

The final purchase will also depend on the customer service. If you were well attended, fast and satisfied with the company where you made the purchase.

What are the characteristics of the digital customer?

With the digitalisation of SMEs, we are faced with a new type of consumer in the market and this is the digital customer. Nowadays, SMEs have been transformed into the digital world. In Spain there are millions of users on the Internet and active in social networks. Users have easy access to the Internet from their computer or mobile phone from anywhere in Spain or the world. 

We are faced with a customer who has all the information they need at their fingertips. Sector specialists indicate that seven out of every 10 Internet users make purchases over the Internet. The digital customer is demanding when making a purchase.

The user who currently buys online does so to save time and money.
Some of the characteristics that we will find in the digital customer are the following: Immediacy, adaptability, analytical, omnipresent and communicative. 

This means that when users purchase a product or service on the Internet, they do so in order not to waste time. They have adapted to new technologies, they think very carefully before spending, they can get what they need from anywhere in the country and they like to have different means of contacting the company. 

Therefore, it is necessary for companies when conducting market research to investigate their future buyers in detail.

Faced with the digital transformation of SMEs, they are looking for new alternatives to meet the needs of customers. That is why they are looking to improve their relationship with customers, who demand quality products and service on a daily basis. At iurny we offer these solutions so that you can maintain more direct contact with your customers.

There are very few companies and clients that have not yet opened up to the digital world.  They are in the process of adapting to the experience of selling and buying online. That is why, at iurny, we work to ensure that companies are up to date and can provide digital customers with a better quality of purchase service. 

Companies have to offer a variety of alternatives so that the digital customer feels comfortable and secure when shopping. They have to work on customer loyalty. In the past, people went to the shops, looked at and touched the product, studied the price and when they were convinced, they bought.

Digital shops should take into account several points for the customer to make the purchase of the service or product, among them are the following: 

  • Have the product information.
  • Indicate that all personal data is secure.
  • The variety of payment methods available to customers.

These are some of the points taken into account by the customer to make the purchase. 

Likewise, small and medium-sized companies need to design a user-friendly, secure website, with quality images and text, so that the shopping experience is quick, simple and pleasant for the customer. To offer a simple and immediate communication process. That is why iurny offers this type of service and has worked with the best brands in the market who have trusted us to make it possible. 

Digital customers are very demanding. They are located in the generation of millennials and Z who buy a lot online. They are the ones who make purchases from their mobile or computer. They know what they want after having studied the product they want. Companies have to adapt well to the digital transformation because that is where their potential customers are and at iurny we are ready to help them.

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