The usefulness of installing WhatsApp Chat by iurny on your website

01 JUN. 2022
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The usefulness of installing WhatsApp Chat by iurny on your website

WhatsApp is a communication channel for personal use that, in a short time, has also become a highly valuable resource for the business area. A channel with which a brand can create a comfortable, efficient and conventional link with its customers, greatly facilitating the loyalty of its consumers.

If you are reading these lines, you must be thinking about implementing WhatsApp Chat in your company. At iurny, we have a lot to tell you about this big step, so stay tuned and continue to the next sections. These are the reasons why you should implement Whatsapp Chat for your business with us.

Finally, we are going to introduce you to the plugin we have designed so that you can offer all your website visitors a space where they can communicate immediately with you or your sales consultants, to quickly create a commercial link with your customers.

WhatsApp Chat

You probably know that WhatsApp has a specialised adaptation for business use, for large, medium and small businesses. Offering more powerful features than WhatsApp for personal use. A tool with which you can offer a more immediate response to your customers, greatly facilitating the communication of your brand.

Among the most important features you will find with iurny’s WhatsApp Chat:
  1. The floating chat button that will facilitate the use of this to your audience, with a simple click your users will be in contact with you. In addition, you can customise it with images or your corporate colours so that they can immediately identify your brand.

  2. You can also design and automate a welcome message, as well as put your brand name in the header of the chat.

  3. It adapts to the size of your business and can be used with one or several telephone numbers.

  4. It is a totally flexible product through which your users can talk to you from any device.
Natural and organic exchange

Whether you use automated messages or hire a person to handle all your customers’ queries from WhatsApp Chat, you can offer them a friendly exchange, where everyone who contacts you can enjoy a pleasant experience and the best attention.

An essential element that can change the decision making process of your customers, significantly improving your sales.

Immediate responses

With WhatsApp chat, your customers can enjoy a fast and efficient response pattern, which can positively impact the flow of your sales. This, coupled with the conventionality of this channel for most users, will make you a top choice in your market.

An outreach tool

Do you know a person who doesn’t have WhatsApp? Chances are you don’t, and if you do, the number will be very small in contrast to those who do. In this sense, using WhatsApp Chat is a way to connect with millions of people in a timely manner.

Remember, the fewer actions your customers have to take to access your content, the more likely they are to buy your products. With WhatsApp Chat at the forefront of your brand, you will have the upper hand when a person wants to access your catalogue and/or services.

These are the main benefits of WhatsApp Chat for your brand. At Iurny we want to go further, so we have designed a plugin with which your customers can communicate in the most comfortable way possible, having a greater likelihood of loyalty after the purchase of your products respectively.

Plugin for chat with customers: The tool your company needs

You have a digital space where your customers can find all your products. However, they do not have a fast and comfortable channel where they can clarify all their doubts or place their orders.

At Iurny, we are aware of the importance of an efficient channel to communicate with customers. Therefore, we have developed a plugin with which you can add to your website an option just a click away for your customers to contact you.

Turn your website into the node you need for your company to capture all potential consumers, taking them immediately to a tool where they can get all the information they need.


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